The Victoria’s Secret Angels…are they truly icons?

    All week social media has been abuzz with talk of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that aired on Tuesday evening. Common rooms were full of boys and girls fixated on their television and those who missed the event were sure to watch the online streams on Wednesday morning. I both detest and support the icon status that the models of this show have achieved. The feminist in me compels me to criticize those of us who objectify women to satisfy our obsession with sex and beauty. However, there are enough obvious reasons as to why many would negatively criticize the popularity of the show.

     I think there are many other interesting to the Victoria’s Secret Angels and their fashion show. The women show confidence in themselves and support healthy body image in comparison to other high fashion models. Victoria’s secret models readily admit their healthy diets and ways of staying in shape. The models also combat the stereotype that mothers must stay at home and once they have children. Many of the models who walked are mothers with higher salaries than their husbands. Although females (and males) should not have to feel as if they must conform to a certain body image, a healthy body is always best. Interestingly enough, the gym seemed a bit more full on Wednesday. The interviews after the show were set on framing the models as more than just pretty faces.

    On the business side of the fashion show, it was very tactical strategy for the Victoria’s Secret brand to air the show at the beginning of the holiday season. Commercial breaks were full of Victoria’s secret clothing, lingerie, and beauty products in store just in time for Christmas. 

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Obama may arguably be the most talked about president of our lifetime, both negatively and positively. He has been popular with the younger demographic and has even become more than a politician, perhaps more of a symbol of hope for change for his supporters. NY’s Daily News reports that music legends, Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen, are strong advocates of President Obama. Both Jay-Z and Springsteen performed at rallies for Obama and inspired their fans to support him. When icons in the music world, such as Jay-Z and Springsteen, team up to help a political icon the influence on viewers and voters will only become more powerful.

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Music Icon Rihanna

CNN recently reported that pop icon, Rihanna, will be releasing a limited edition version of her album, “Unapologetic,” for the steep price of $250. The album will include Rihanna’s music along with a t-shirt, posters, and other limited edition paraphernalia. The typical music album on iTunes costs around $10-$15, yet I believe that Rihanna’s overpriced album and items will still sell many copies. I believe that this is an example of the sign of an icon. Icons have followers that are willing to spend excessive amounts of time, money, and energy in order to support them.

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“El Bloomito”

As the leader of one of the most influential cities in the world, New York City, Mayor Bloomberg can certainly be viewed as an icon. Many citizens turned to Bloomberg for comfort and leadership during the recent crisis, Hurricane Sandy. Bloomberg instilled bravery and hope during a press conference, yet received criticism on his actions.  Mayor Bloomberg did not experience criticism for his impeccable leadership during the storm, but it was for his Spanish. After reading his own speech on staying calm and safe, Bloomberg did not turn to a translator or subtitles to inform Spanish speaking listeners of the impending storm. He read the translation himself. Many said his feeble attempt to really speak the language was insulting. Why would Bloomberg read the translation himself or even provide a Spanish translation at all? Why did he allow a translator to produce his speech in sign language behind him? By this action, how is Bloomberg trying to portray himself in the public sphere?

Here is a funny twitter account criticizing Bloomberg’s spanish and here is an article.


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Hello world!

What does it mean to be described as “iconic?” An icon is defined as a symbol of representation or an object of devotion. This blog will be your source of analyzing those who represent the current culture and rule the public sphere, those that we call icons.

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